Hacking Windows 8 – How To Customize apps on Windows 8 Lock Screen

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Windows 8 displays notifications regarding new email, messages, calendar events, status updates, Tweets and even from other apps on the Lock screen. If you want a quick glance of the information, it’s right there for you and you don’t even have
to log into Windows 8.

Apps added to the lock screen are allowed to run in the background when your PC is locked so they can fetch new, updated information and display it on the lock screen.

If all your apps start to display notification on the lock screen, it may become difficult for to get what is important. You may just want to see notifications regarding email, messages and social networking sites, but do want to see the current weather, or information from an app.

Customizing the Lock Screen as per your preference is what I will be showing you in this article.

How To Customize Apps on Windows 8 Lock Screen

Most of the Lock screen customization can be done from PC settings. To access it, press Windows key + C to display the Charms bar, and select Settings or you can press Windows Key + I to directly display the Settings Charm.

Now select Change PC Settings > Personalize > Lock Screen (and select Personalize if not already selected) to show a screen similar to the one displayed below.

A short cut to directly access the Lock Screen settings fro PC Settings would be to press Windows key + W to search the settings and enter Lock Screen. Select Lock Screen from the list of items.

You can customize the lock screen apps list from the Lock screen apps section at the bottom-right of the lock screen settings screen. In the Lock screen apps section, you’ll see icons of the apps that automatically display notifications, with one or more plus signs to the right as shown in the image below.


Click on a plus sign to reveal a list of apps that can display notifications. Select the one from the list, which will replace the plus sign and it will display alerts & other information on the Start screen.

To remove an app that is already been selected, simply click on the icon and select the item “Don’t show quick status here”, which will remove the app.

When you click a plus sign, you’ll see both the apps that are already selected, as well as those that are not selected. If you click on an app and from the list if you choose the same app again, nothing changes. But if you select another app, the current one gets replaced with the newly selected app.

Below the quick list apps, you can also choose an app to show a more detailed status.  But this list does not contain all the items that are present in the quick status list. But, selecting them is same as the quick list. Click on the icon and select an item from the list. To remove, select the option “Don’t show detailed status on the lock screen”.

That’s it about customizing the apps on the lock screen.

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